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Your safety is our top priority at the beach and in the water and there are some hard and fast rules that we have to adhere to and they are:

No Drop Offs

All parents must remain on the beach and close by while the Sunday training sessions are taking place, with no drop-offs.


This is both for safety reasons and also consistent with our values of family fun.

5:1 Supervision Ratio

As another STRICT mandatory safety requirement, we require a minimum supervision ratio of 1 adult in the water per 5 children (we hold a Surf Safety 101 session for parents who are new to surf lifesaving).


On rough days, we may increase this number. If we cannot reach the required ratio, the water events will be canceled.

1:20 Lifeguard Ratio

In addition to the ‘in-water 5:1 ratio, we must also have 1 qualified guard per 20 children in the water.


You must wear a beanie and Hi-vis rash vest at all times in the water – no beanie or vest, no water activities.

Surf Fins

For B & C Groups, they must have surf fins for swimming


Any parents helping with B & C Group in the water must have surf fins for swimming.

200m Badge

Children wishing to compete in carnivals and use paddleboards must complete a 200m swim in 7 minutes, followed immediately by 1 minute of treading water.

Leaving Early

If you have to have to leave a Sunday session early, the coach is the person you have to let know … coaches will regularly do headcounts so they need to know if anyone is leaving the group


Club Vehicles

Lifeguard operations will be in place while Junior Surf is underway, please help keep your children away from the vehicles. 

Under no circumstances are there to be Juniors riding on Club vehicles down to or back from the beach … unless in the case of an injury. 

In addition to all the above, it is important for safety reasons that children listen to and follow the coach's instructions. The coach’s word is final! 

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