Club Tee 60 yr Anniversary Mens

Club Tee 60 yr Anniversary Mens

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T Shirts printed to commemorate 60 years of patrolling at Bethells Beach.


    60 years, thats awesome! and so you will be, if you purchase one of these tees. Cooler than a cold beer in an esky. Go on... why are you still reading this, click 'add to cart' and soon you too will be looking sharper than a Hattori Hanzō katana.


    We can refund your purchase prior to order fulfilment, but honestly why would ya? these tees are awesome. You can return and exchange if the fit is not right, or if you put a little extra weight on over the winter months, we wont judge.


    We currently only provide the option of collecting, either from the surf club or by arrangement.

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