There are many reasons to join a surf club. Whether it's to train as a Lifeguard, develop new skills or to simply make new friends, the Bethells Beach Surf Life Saving Patrol is an excellent choice. The club offers a supportive environment, has a family feel about it and a strong reputation for being friendly and welcoming to all.

Many of our Patrol members (Lifeguards) started out as Junior Surf parents or nippers, the latter going on to train and qualify as Lifeguards at the completion of their Junior Surf years (ages 7-13). We also have a number of members who choose not to go down the Lifeguard path electing instead to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the club in an Associate member capacity.

All members irrespective of whether they participate in water-based safety or not have the opportunity to get involved with club life in other ways, such as, joining the Committee, filling a Junior Surf Team Manager role or qualifying as a Surf Official, where they get to officiate at surf carnivals and surf sports events at a local, regional or national level.

Whatever your level of interest there's a place for you at Bethells!

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What's included in a membership?

Participation in club based programmes, activities and events

• Access to free swim training for active lifeguards, lifeguards in training and Junior Surf nippers
• Access to club facilities
• Leadership opportunities
• The opportunity to compete in Surf Sports competitions and at Junior Surf carnivals
• Login access to the Members Only pages of this website - where you will find an Events Calendar, Patrol Information, Contacts Lists etc

Subscription Fees

The club has two membership categories, Lifeguard/Associate and Junior Surf Family.

Lifeguard/Associate membership fees are as follows

$50.00 Individual Lifeguard/Associate
$90.00 2 Lifeguards/Associates
$120.00 3 Lifeguards/Associates
$150.00 4+ Lifeguards/Associates

Junior Surf Family membership fees are as follows (rates apply to immediate family members)

$100.00   Junior Surf Parents/Guardians & 1 child
$140.00   Junior Surf Parents/Guardians & 2 children
$180.00   Junior Surf Parents/Guardians & 3 children
$220.00   Junior Surf Parents/Guardians & 4+ children

Competitor Fee

Members wishing to compete in Surf Sports competitions i.e. surf boats, IRB, pool champs, ocean swims etc. pay a Competitor Fee of $75 per annum. School age students are exempt.



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