For a few summers during the 1950's, life guarding was made up by swimmers doing their compulsory Military Training in the Navy keeping fit for their specialty sports. Once the compulsory military training scheme was terminated, so was life guard service.

Although the club was incorporated in October 1958, it was not until 1963 when a triple drowning known as Black Sunday occurred that the formation of the surf life saving club, as we know it today, eventuated.

A clubhouse was sourced (gifted by Shirley & John Bethell) that would also store rescue equipment like reels, belts, surf ski's etc. and protect against vandalism (below).

By 1967 the club had grown to more than 2 dozen members and 3 separate buildings, so in September 1968, building of a spacious new $7,500 clubhouse began.  The new clubhouse was opened 22nd December 1968.

 New club house opening

Over the years the clubhouse has had many changes and was extended again at the end of 2004 with the addition of a
First Aid Room, new toilet/shower block and extended gear shed.

New club house
For a personal view of Bethells Surf Life Saving early history download
Barrie Smiths Bethells History.