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My son turns 5 in December, can he join?

Because of the huge developmental and emotional range within these younger years, it can be difficult to accommodate younger children.


If your child turns 5 during the October - February period of the season and wishes to join in, they will be considered for inclusion on a case by case basis.


The parent will need to attest that the child is confident/mature enough to handle being in a group situation with children up to 6.5 years old and be 100% responsible and in attendance with them at all times.

My child is currently 6 (7 in January), what age group will he be in?

The age group that your child is, is the age they are as at the 30th September, therefore your child was 6 on the 30th Sept  (turning 7 in January) and is classed as being in the 6-year-old age group (even though they turn 7 during the season).


Children must compete at carnivals, and the Club Champs, in their correct age group. Children may train “up” or “down” an age on Sundays if agreed to, which will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Can I drop my children at JR Surf and leave?

No, it is absolutely necessary that a parent or designated guardian is at the beach during the entire duration of the Junior Surf activity.

Who will be coaching the children?

Most of our coaches are parent helpers. We are always on the lookout to enlist more parents into the role of assisting with Coaching.

Please talk with any of the parents currently involved or our Junior Surf Coordinator if you’d like to help, but are not sure how to start.

I have 3 children and can’t be with all groups at the same time?

That is fine. Parents of 5 & 6yr old children need to be with their group at all times. Parents of 7s and up just need to inform the Age Manager of where they will be.

My friends birthday puts him in a different age group. Can they be together?

Children are put into groups where their birthday falls - they will need to compete at carnivals in the appropriate age group, however, should ability or other reasons suggest children may benefit moving “up” or “down” an age on Sundays, this may be agreed to and assessed on a case by case basis.

How often do I need to bring my child to the beach?

Our junior surf sessions are held most weeks (with two weeks off over Christmas/New Year).

We understand that families are busy so the programme doesn’t require 100% participation, but your child will benefit from regular attendance.


If your child is interested in attending carnivals, Friday night sessions at Mairangi Bay are a good idea to get used to the paddle boards.

What do we need to bring?

High visibility rash shirts, beanie, togs, water bottle, snack, towel, sunscreen.

(a wetsuit is recommended prior to Christmas and late in the season).

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