JUNIOR SURF Swimming at Kelston Girls High School

Monday's From: Monday 4 November 2019 - Monday 16 December 2019
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

These sessions are facilitated, and the aim is to improve overall swimming fitness. It is important to note that the sessions are not swimming lessons and it is a base requirement that you are able to swim at least 25 metres in the pool unaided (no parents in the pool).
For Junior Surf carnivals and competitions, for A Group the participants are split into badged (can participate in water events) and non-badged (can only participate in beach events) and to receive a badge you will be tested on being able to swim 200 metres in under 8 minutes. For B & C group you must be badged to participate in water events. Once you have received your 200metre badge this has to be sewn onto the right front hip of your swimming togs – very important for competition day. Boys must either wear speedos or black lycra short leggings with no board shorts or shorts allowed.

Entry is via Lynwood Road

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